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    Elecrric Haze 6/25/2014

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    4th track from Orange Juice With Pulp / Orange Juice Without Pulp, featuring an improvised story from Nick Pagan whose music you can find here at his bandcamp and at his band’s bandcamp

    You can find the free & paid version of this album at The Halfs Bandcamp


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    Orange Juice With Pulp Full Album Stream


  5. "Making a loud sound"
    — Mice Parade

  6. "This Morning I Awoke From My American Dream"
    — National Road - Bark Hide And Horn

  7. Oblivion

    Shadows play with my doubts,
    erasing my dreams,
    while listening to distant shouts,
    it seems that I slumbered off,
    out of hot awakening,
    into cool oblivion.


  8. Strange Enchantment

    Walking inside thin wires,
    across metropolis spires,
    and wondering why,
    we are speaking through the sky,
    instead of looking at it.


  9. My New EP


  10. The Records

    The tricky talk of those who can walk,
    and dance around the meaning,
    without ever seeing,

    While the tyrannical tapes rewind,
    and reverse their records,
    skipping over,
    the beginning.

    And the tearful trail,
    to often walked,
    is still so far,
    from the end.


  11. My EP was released today it’s free and I hope you enjoy!


  12. Relief

    Brewed with the brimstone,
    hot ash all alone,
    swarmed with sparks,
    fears far from fallow,
    trapped in a box,
    and hunted by foxes.

    I taste the toxins in the air,
    and despair,
    until the next gift,
    of cool rain,
    a flow with no pain,
    and the sound that keeps me sane.


  13. Decline

    Shrinking but not leaving,
    sinking but not believing,
    the undoing will only be done,
    when they have won,
    but we are not defeated,
    and hope was not unseated,
    on this day,
    or any other,
    but machines are churning,
    and oil burning,
    while we are learning,
    of all our dark yearnings,
    on this day,
    and every other,
    and all those that came before,
    all the old and forgotten wars,
    their violence as old as love,
    as young as humanity,
    in its adolescence,
    not seeing its obsolescence,
    on this day,
    and those that come.


  14. Dwell

    I listen to the floating masses above my brow,
    trying to hear above the crowd,
    but I cannot.
    The lines are obscured by long scratches,
    and I’m distracted by the unlit matches,
    at my bedside.
    Most days the only comfort that I can find,
    is at the bottom of a very deep well,
    Most days I don’t reach the bottom,
    but I try anyway.


  15. Leaving

    I cannot sneak up upon these dreams,
    they come from the darkness it seems,
    that I am constantly at their whim,
    trying to sleep but caught in their din,
    While the waking light envelopes me,
    the night time corrodes me,
    and these moments development me,
    while the conversation erodes me,
    I’m the fading shore,
    leaving with the tide.